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5 Road Trip Essentials

Spring break is just around the corner. We can literally *feel* the warm air and sense of freedom just a few weeks away! If you’re like a lot of families or couples out there, you’ll be hitting the road sometime this spring…and being prepared is key for everyone’s sanity! We’ve made a list of our top five road trip essentials that you should add to your packing list.



Having good music and a good variety of music is really important. Find something that everyone in the car can sing along to — and if you have to listen to something your boyfriend is obsessed with, bring some earplugs.



We’re a little obsessed with podcasts over here, and there are some GREAT options out there right now! If you’re into mysteries and true crime, there are just about a million and one podcasts perfect for you. Listen to anything from stories to comedy or even news podcasts. Whatever floats your boat.


Comfy Clothes

This is kind of a given, but once you wear a pair of skinny jeans in the car, you’ll never forget to wear comfy clothes again. We suggest leggings, an oversized tee or tunic and some slip-on sandals. You can find a lot of these looks here for up to 80% off!



Snacks are the lifeblood of road trips. If your snacks are bad, you’re going to have a bad time. That’s just a rule. So go get some candy, some salty crackers and some apple slices (if you’re feeling guilty about the junk food.) Load up!


Motion Sickness Medication

This is one you don’t want to forget. If you have little kids who get carsick, you NEED to get this! Nobody wants to clean up vomit in the car and then smell it for the rest of the trip. Gross. Just plan ahead and keep those kiddos feeling good. If you don’t have any carsick kids, we’re jealous. 

We hope this list of road trip essentials helps to make your spring break vacations a little better! If you want to save even more money for your excursions, check out our summer clothes and swimwear — it’s all up to 70% off!


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