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Budgeting Tips for Shopaholics

If you’ve thought “new year, new me” at all this January, you’re far from alone. But if you want to get your bank account looking fit rather than focusing on your waistline, we’ve got a few simple tips to help your noble cause. After all, you’re far from the first person to want to save a few bucks! These tips will help you whether you have a family to support, or if it’s just you and your loyal doggo. And these tips will especially help you if you consider yourself a shopaholic.


Set financial goals.

Figuring out why you’re skipping dessert at the restaurant or saying “no” to your kids for the 5th time in this Target aisle alone makes it a little easier. Not completely easy. Just easier.


And it’s not quite as simple as saying “I want to save money this year.” You need to make specific goals. Something like “I want to buy a new couch by May 1st. That means I need to save an extra $200 a month.”


Make menu plans.

One of the EASIEST ways to blow through your paycheck quickly is by eating out, and eating out often. At most fast food places, you can expect to spend 3-6 dollars per person. If you eat out for lunch every day during the work week, that could be $15-$30 a WEEK. That adds up to $60-$120 a month. If you pack a lunch based on pre-planned menus, you’re going to save tons of money.


If you plan out your menus for the week or two weeks, you won’t buy extra things at the grocery store that you don’t need. Win, win!


Hunt for coupons, discounts and deals.

There’s no shame in wanting to do all of your favorite things, but also wanting to save a few bucks. Sites like GrouponGroopdealz and coupon sites are great sources for deals. If you need a girls night out but don’t want to spend all of your “fun” allowance on the activity, try to find deals that include a drink or a meal with the activity. Painting and wine nights are a great example of this. Or if your husband has his eye on a Steve Madden loafer, find exclusive Steve Madden coupons online. 


Budget big events carefully.

Anniversaries, holidays and birthdays are so, so fun. But there are ways to cut back on spending there, too. Save decorations from kid-to-kid or year-to-year. Commit to only spending a certain amount and stick to it. Find less expensive versions of toys or blouses so you can give more without spending more.

No matter how you choose to cut back or bring in a few extra dollars, you’ve got this. Believing in yourself will only make it easier! Happy saving!

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