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Essential Oils 10ml - 83 Options!

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Choose from 83 different oils. Choose 10ml bottles with 100% essential oil or 10ml Rollerballs that are mixed with a high-quality fractionated coconut oil that are ready to be used! Read more about these oils, get their GC/MS reports, and find out ingredients at our website.

BODY ARMOR: Supports healthy immune function, protects against environmental threats, cleanses surfaces. Cold & flu
BOO-BOO GLUE: Cuts, scrapes & bruises
DEEP BREATH: Promotes clear airways, breaks down congestion, allergies.
ENTICE: Bold natural fragrance, sweet and spicy
FOCUS POCUS: Aids ADD/ADHD / focus issues
FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Fresh, clean, and fruity natural aroma
HEAD MED: Soothes headaches. Gets rid of most in 10 minutes
INCHES AWAY: Appetite suppressant, increases metabolism, trims cellulite
JUMP START: Energy and focus!
KNEADS RELIEF: Soothes sore muscles and achy joints
LIGHTEN UP: Depression - perfect for lifting your mood
LIQUID SUNSHINE: Citrus mood lifter with a touch of vanilla
LOOSEN UP: Combat stress and worry by "loosening up"
MONTHLY MEND: Aids PMS symptoms of moodiness, cramps, and hot flashes
SALVE-ATION: Wonderful for eczema and psoriasis
STRESS OUT: Anti-anxiety & stress blend
SWAT TEAM: Insect repellent with a dreamy lemon scent
TIME OUT: Encourages rest and relaxation
TUMMY TAMER: Aids digestion, soothes nausea
TWITCH DOCTOR: Muscle spasms & charlie horses
YAWN: Terrific for insomnia. Aids sleep onset, duration and quality. Apply when you lay down
ZENtered: Brings emotional balance and harmony to the mind and body.
ZIT ZAP: Destroys acne

ARBORVITAE: Insect repellent, purifying, emotional support
BALSAM FIR: Energizing, Immunity Aid, Mood Balancing, Muscle & Joint Support, Respiratory & Nasal Function.
BERGAMOT: Depression & Anxiety
CAJEPUT: Immunity Aid, Ease Congestion & Sore Throat, Cold & Flu, Improve Mood, Relieve Itchy Skin, Bug Bites, Acne, Sore Muscles, PMS Cramping
CAMPHOR: Respiratory health, muscle and joint pain, insect repellent
CARAWAY: Relaxing, digestive aid, insomnia, congestion
CARROT SEED: Skin care, water retention, liver health, detox support
CASSIA: Uplifting, digestive support, cold & flu
CEDARWOOD (ATLAS): Relaxing, insect repellant
CEDARWOOD (HIMILAYAN): Respiratory aid, emotional clarity, insect repellent, ulcers, water retention
CITRONELLA: Anxiety & Stress Relief, Cleansing, Insect Repellent, Relieve Minor Joint Pain, Skincare
CLARY SAGE: Depression, PMS, Menopause & Hormonal Balance
CLEMENTINE: Anxiety & Stress Relief, Ease Insomnia, Inspires Mental Clarity
COPAIBA: Acne & Skin Health, Calming & Comforting, Supports a Focused & Tranquil Mind
CORIANDER: Calming, immunity support, insomnia relief, aid for skin health, uplifting
CUMIN: Muscle and joint pain, digestive aid, cooking
CYPRESS: Vitality and energy, oily skin
ELEMI: Complexion, skin health, immunity aid
EUCALYPTUS: Aids congestion and allergy symptoms
FENNEL: Arthritis Relief, Digestive Aid, May Increase Lactation, PMS Cramps/Fluid Retention, Mental Fatigue Relief, Respiratory Aid, Weight Loss Support, Protection from Infection for Wound Care
FRANKINCENSE: Promotes cellular & immune health. Promotes healthy inflammatory response. Rejuvenates skin.
GERANIUM: Glowing Skin, dry hair or skin, bug repellent, depression
GINGER: Nausea, digestion
GRAPEFRUIT (RUBY RED): Uplifting, increase metabolism, appetite suppressant, trims cellulite
HO WOOD: Spasms, immunity, calming
JUNIPER BERRY: Kidney and urinary tract function, skin toner, calming and grounding effect
LAUREL LEAF: Respiratory aid, cold & flu relief, muscle health
LAVENDER (France): Calming and relaxing; soothes skin irritations, eases muscle tension
LEMON (Italy): Purifies the air & surfaces, promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability
LEMON TEA TREE: Insect Repellent, Excellent Cleanser, Support Healthy Skin & Nails
LEMONGRASS: Natural insect repellent, uplifts mood, use w/ peppermint to alleviate nausea
LIME: Cleans and purifies skin. Mood lift.
LITSEA: Support Immune System, Insomnia Relief, Promote Positive Mood, Excellent Skincare Aid
MARJORAM: Calming, Insomnia
MYRRH: Restore youthful skin, balances mood
MYRTLE: Cleansing, spasms, gas
NUTMEG: Muscle and joint pain, bloating, healthy digestion, minor pain and inflammation
ORANGE (SWEET): Purify, uplift, relieve pain and inflammation
ORANGE (WILD): Anxiety, depression, insomnia
OREGANO: Supports healthy immune function
PALMAROSA: Immunity, skin care, muscle and joint pain
PATCHOULI: Wrinkles, Scars, Acne, Eczema, Bug Repellent
PEPPERMINT: Promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing and alleviates stomach upset; good oral health
PETITGRAIN: Balance Emotions, Calm Nerves, Ease Spasms, Relieve IBS, Comfort Muscle Pain
PINE: Anti-Inflammatory, Cleansing, Respiratory & Sinus Decongestant, Deodorizing, Energizing & Mentally Stimulating, Respiratory Health Aid
RAVINTSARA: Improve Clarity & Alertness, Headache Relief, Support Immune System, Soothe Muscles & Joints, Respiratory Aid
RED MANDARIN: Soothe Anxiety, Help Dispel Depression, Digestive Aid, Relieve Insomnia, Support Immune System, Calm Hiccups
ROSEMARY: Memory, Sore Muscles, Hair support
SAGE: Cognitive performance booster, cleanser, immune support
SPEARMINT: Digestive Aid, Headache Relief, Improve Oral Health, Respiratory Aid
SPIKE LAVENDER: Reduce Anxiety & Stress, Soothes Headaches, Insomnia Relief, Ease Muscle & Joint Pain, Respiratory Aid
SPRUCE: Wound care, immunity, cleansing
SPRUCE (BLACK): Respiratory aid, immune boost, inspiring
TANGERINE: Reduce Anxiety & Stress, Popular Cellulite Remedy, Digestive Aid, Relieve Insomnia
TARRAGON: Spasms & Cramps, Spastic Cough, Digestive System Spasms, Muscle Pain, Insomnia Relief
TEA TREE: Helps skin problems such as acne, anti-fungal & supports healthy immune function
TURMERIC: Digestive support, water weight, arthritis, calming
VETIVER: ADD/ADHD, Insomnia, balances emotions
WINTERGREEN: Clear Acne, Aid Circulation, Menstrual Pain & Cramps, Soothe Muscle & Joint Pain
YLANG YLANG: Aphrodisiac, Fatigue, Mood


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